The significance of these Skelton and Hathaway references and newspaper articles, has consumed many of our thoughts lately. It was here a decision was made to provide a story that must be told, and to not just let it be. Hathaway's culture of believing she was above the law of course was not exactly invented by her. And residents can either fight them, or they can vote with their feet and move to greener pastures. It is no wonder that in the past decade, Michigan was the only state to actually lose population e. g. number one in moves-out and number one in abortion rate. And since 1980 the number one Michigan  industry has not been automobiles, but instead prisons. Fact is, and most are aware, the automakers have largely left Michigan and Ohio. 

       Fair warning, this story is definitely not for the thin-skinned. Presumably John Skelton learned of other unacceptable decisions regarding others' children that have taken place in the area. He surely read the print in that so-called "recommendation" regarding his own boys. It appears by then he knew that to protect his boys meant he had no choice but to get them out of Michigan. This mystery persists today. 

       Hoosier's, Buckeye's, and Tiger's fans, not to mention the national newswire services, have had their fill of such articles and stories, including all those of former major Kwame Kilpatrick. Alas, sandwiched between some of those articles, there was an unrelated and largely unreported news story regarding some children. It stated what has happened with the three boys from Morenci.


       There are many recent articles about disgraced former jurist Diane Hathaway. Some of these articles described how she did not tell the truth about a personal financial hardship regarding her mortgage obligation in an attempt to convince others investigating certain aspects of her supposed situation. “Prosecutors say Hathaway and her husband Michael Kingsley, who was not charged, transferred their Florida property to a relative so they could show financial hardship and have a better chance at qualifying to short sell their Grosse Pointe Park home, which carried a mortgage of more than $1 million.” Further, U.S. AttorneyBarbara McQuade was quoted as saying her “…office will ask for prison, noting that Hathaway, a licensed real estate broker, did more than hide the Florida home. She said the (now) former judge liquidated retirement accounts to fool the bank and told ING that she was planning to retire, which would affect her income. Hathaway didn’t.” Lastly and again quoted, is U.S. Attorney McQuade “homeowners who play by the rules should know that those who don’t will be held accountable.” Alas, Hathaway’s eventual jail sentence angered some due to its short term conclusion, while others applauded the efforts of the U.S. Attorney, who did not buckle under pressure. 

THE SKELTON BOYS are missing. Like Hurricane Carter, Nelson Mandela and others before and since, John Skelton sits in jail. Before one can understand why and what has become of his boys, one must know what has happened to the Highland children. This story is meant to draw attention to these missing children from Morenci and the wretched collection agency behind it all.

Where Art the Highland and Morenci Children?