Romance, mystery, unsavory people, heartbreak and more. A vehicle recall that regards faulty ignitions 

sheds more light on today's ignition switch recall and how both have so shattered lives, hopes and dreams.

Deception and corporate courtroom trickery abound. These books let all see chickens really do come home to roost. Believing is seeing.​


What begins as a dramatic love story, will take your emotions in every direction from start to finish. Check out our website for more details about this non-fiction epic. 

Early on a Michigan man meets a woman from China and unforeseen hardships surface. And once a couple locals seeking guns arrive it then turns into a heroic story of life and death.

The Lansing Tower takes a look inside a unique stretch of Michigan, the concrete path called I-96 that connects Lansing to the Motor City, the area known to some as the Big Three ground zero. Blended inside this story, is a theme that shows the love dads and daughters instinctively have for each other, at times gone unnoticed.

CD Publishing LLC wants to share these mystery-filled and tragedy laden stories with you. We advocate for Autism Speaks, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.      

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This ​​saga is globetrotting and heartfelt, and based on protecting Christian family values. Of walking the walk.