The Lansing Tower  

AS THIS STORY begins readers will take an intimate look into the lives of Bondo and Paul, two ambitious Michigan car buffs turned mostly successful business owners. One goes to China on a search for more antiques and marries an educated Chinese woman named Yasei. The other is working his other job one night, only to be suddenly told via a cellphone call that everyone is watching his building and car business burn to the ground on the local television stations. 

      A couple of years after the 9/11 lockdown in China, and the two business destroying years battling GM outside and away from the local Michigan courtroom over the fire-causing ignition switch, the world's largest corporation at the time receives a senseless decision from the local court, absent of a jury. And then an illness arrives. This is the story of what happened next.


      Suddenly raising their daughters gets very complicated. There are American and Chinese tears, stress and anxiety. However, tenacity, faith and courage will carry the day in Michigan and be felt all the way to China! How they find their way through it all is the question.

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