Appendix B: Observations

NOTE: Adults tend to view sport participation by students with or without disabilities as a branching out of their natural habit to play. According to the Smith College Science Center (1996) early participation and success likely provide students’ the best path to elite sport status. For example, the elite teenage tennis star who plays at Wimbledon at 16, presumably began playing no later than 5 or 6. Developing their confidence is essential. What the coach observed by seeing and listening is in part provided by the following charts/check sheets:

The above chart, figure 1, shows the grade levels of the students participating. The average age of the students was 7.27 years old. The trendline shows the tendency of age participation.

The above pie chart, figure 2, indicates the gender of the students participating in this study. Noticed is there is one female and she is also one of only two third graders on the team. Continued on next page>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.