Above are figures 4 and 5 which are the results of two of the questions asked during the initial interview process. An indication these provide is that some early age experience playing football does not bring or translate into football or sports confidence. In a young mind, humility, upbringing, and the scales, are tilted toward answering "Not at all" when asked about confidence. The phenomena and mindset that does associate the two becomes more apparent and intensifies with increased oxygen to the brain, increased blood flow, and maturity. Team sport activities embrace and enable the first two actions just mentioned, while with each advancing elementary school grade comes more maturity, Continued next page>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Above is figure 3, a third look at the make-up of the participants in this study. This pie chart provides the socioeconomic median family income associated with the students playing on this football team. With respect to the general population within the two counties mentioned above, this is not only believed to be a credible economic ratio, but also indicative of a large share of Midwestern counties. For this type of study, many believe Ohio to be the quintessential best example of America in many economic ways,