The Lansing Tower
product rating stars: I loved, loved, loved this book!
July 29, 2015

I loved this book, I loved the characters and story line. I listened to the book on my Kindle and became so engrossed in it that it was a shock when it ended, I was left wanting more. I really can't wait to read the next books in this trilogy to find out what happens to this strong, intelligent woman who won't let fear stop her as she fights for what is hers. Barbara Graham

     Paul and Yasei finally make it back from China. Optimism regarding their future together is bubbling over. Cut from this same optimistic ilk, neither takes no for an answer when one of life's bumps in the road arrives.

     ​​But from their earliest days together in Lansing and into the couple years that follow, they are faced with life's bumps alright, more than their fair share. During this same time, but in the metropolitan Detroit area, Bondo has also been faced with some of life's huddles.

      Bondo is forced to face the truth that no court in Michigan is going to rule against its largest employer for a relatively unknown local businessman. He stubbornly accepts he cannot continue to fight GM (for decades now the world's largest corporation) in their backyard any longer or he will have to close his once flourishing auto business trying. Attempting to do both has not provided the outcome his own optimistic nature and tenacious spirit has thought it would. Now his business just cannot sustain itself and this path.

       So the day arrives when Bondo knows he needs to find a new home for his company. The fire and the unexpected lack of GM integrity, has ran off his disenfranchised client base. He and his business reputation are in tatters. Remaining focused on his daughters throughout this fight, something tells him his daughters would also benefit from a different atmosphere than what they are starting to understand about this area of Michigan. He has thought of Lansing as a possible place to start over. And just by chance he suddenly hears about Paul, a tow truck for sale, a lawyer, a court and a Chinese woman. Hold on tight, painfully everyone's lives are about to change again...