​​​​These books contain mystery-filled and tragedy laden stories with family-centered issues and were written by American author Scot Ciminillo. Set in a Michigan-Ohio universe, although Hong Kong is prevalent very early on, the storyline follows characters Paul, Yasei, James Bondo, Randall Paul, Tina, Lewis and others as they battle through some torturous, gut-wrenching and mysterious situations. Note: there are unspeakable events as well, with results you would not expect in every action.

The trilogy consists of The Lansing Tower (2007), Where Art the Highland and Morenci Children? (2012), and In Thru the Ohio Wilderness (2015) © 2015 by CD Publishing LLC. All rights reserved. 


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 A Battle Between Good and Evil and the Mystery Persists

Autism and the Blessed Opening on One's Eyes

Perseverance and Tenacity in a Tragic Love Story