Welcome to CD Services & Publishing LLC


The ​​​CD Publishing team provides writing and editing services, as well as marketing and sales of e-books, traditional books, and audio books. Whether writing novels, periodicals regarding professional coaching, grant writing for the advocacy of autism and or disabilities, or ghost writing and editing, CD has a team that can help you get the results you desire while being fair and competitively priced. Today's publishing is mostly virtual and seamless on any given project. Within CD, expertise and insights come in from many different states, such as Ohio, Maine, North Carolina and others, and provinces such as Nova Scotia. CD is an awesome example of this 24/7 real time reality. Behind great writers are great editors and illustrators.

Since 2007, CD has evolved and flourished with top notch writers, editors, and               graphic artists. Talented writer and editor Nicky LaMarco  headed the editing                          of a recent project, The Lansing Tower trilogy. She has been a freelance writer and editor since 2001. She also writes on women's topics, business, career, cars, fitness, health, martial arts, parenting, pets, and writes for various print and online publications, as well as copywriting clients. Nicky has written for Livestrong, Strategy Magazine, Women's Health & Fitness, TheEmployment Times, About.com, Women's Independent Press, Tech Republic, Hot Compacts & Imports Magazine, Truckin' Magazine, Super Rod Magazine, Vet.com, WagBrag.com, and more. Nicky has recently earned her 1st degree ​black belt in Taekwondo!

We encourage our readers to also visit Nicky at  www.nickylamarco.com